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Aaaah, those analogue classics ...

Thorens, Garrard, Dual, Linn, SME, Ortofon and and and.

If youíre into analogue music reproduction those names do ring some bells, donít they ?
They stand for quality and great sound, and the products are built to last.
In fact, when you find a Dual 1019 from 1969 somewhere hidden in the basement and there are no obvious damages visible you just connect it to the mains, turn it on and most likely it will run almost perfectly despite the fact it has not been used for 25 years or more.
Thatís because they are well constructed and built to high standards, and even without maintenance they will run and run and run just like the famous Volkswagen Beetle.
The reason I created this website is easy to explain : I just LOVE these old turntables and tonearms and cartridges, I love how they look and how they sound and Iím fascinated with the precision of their mechanical parts and the way they are constructed to sheer perfection.
You will find useful information, tips and tricks and maybe even some drooling over these classics.

BTW : Youíll find here only products that I have had in my system or that I still have in use, see the pictures below (please note: these are older pictures, some turntables were sold in the meantime, others bought - you probably know how the virus works... ;)).

>>> Sorry, nothing is for sale here !

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